№80 Hout Street. 

Inner City
Studio Workspace

A Coworking Space in the Cape Town CBD.

№80 Hout Street is an open-plan coworking studio space – for respectful, easy-going, creative pros. Find out more.



Work – from work – in a 276m² loft coworking studio in the Cape Town CBD with an assorted crew consisting of designers, coders, writers, photographers, startups, internet and even arty types.

Rates & Terms

  • R2,200/mo: 1.8m fixed desk
  • R2,800/mo: 2.0m fixed 'window' desk

Prices include VAT. 
Flexible 'working month' notice period. 

Opening hours: Monday~Friday; 08h00~18h00.
24/7 access available on request.

It includes:

  • Internet (100MB Fibre, 24GB/mo account included)
  • Electricity (let's try and save OK) 
  • Cleaning (but do clean up after yourself please)
  • Shared fridge & kitchen (keep it fresh, keep it clean)
  • Locker space (for files or whatever)
  • Industrial Full Color A4/A3 Printer (billed separately)

It excludes: 

  • Parking

80 Hout St - one of the window seats

"Are you tired of forking out ridiculous amounts for 'hotdesking' in the city? Are you bored of every slick designer-type turning their broom closet into ‘conceptual space’ for you to rent for the price of a small flat? So am I. That's why I work here"
Bruno Morphet